Hard to believe that it’s been a little over a week since Apple debuted a new tablet and the iPad 9.7 already reached most big shops all over the world. People are getting accustomed to the idea of a cheaper device working in tandem with an Apple Pencil and Apple tries to clear up the usage process via a set of tutorial videos.

This is by no means the first tutorial of the sort, since Apple actually loves short tutorials and teaching people how to use its tech. They deliver short and concise tutorials, explaining everything a newcomer may need to know. One of them shows us how to take screenshots on the screen and then edit them on the go with the Pencil.

Markup tools are brought up and we also see some cropping, color selection and simple drawing. Brushes and all options feel right at home if you’ve been using an iDevice for the past year.

Another video shows how to use two apps at once on the iPad, via split screen. Sketching notes in the lovely Notes app is also shown, in quite competent manner. Drawing and writing are shown as fluid and seamless actions, very intuitive even coming from many years of Microsoft Office use. There are also tutorials about the email app, file browsing and so much more.

Just so you know, the latest iPad is priced at $329, or $299 for students and the Apple Pencil goes for $99, or $89 for students.