The number of available OSs for both the PC and mobile platform has seen a steady growth, with even a number of manufacturers looking towards integrating dual-boot systems that offer the versatility standard people are looking for. The main strength of any OS comes from the developer support and here Android seems to stand out from the bunch.


It is more and more obvious that there are countless advantages towards running a version of Android in a PC oriented device, such as the Raspberry Pi. The OS itself is plenty fast, handles even the lowest resources very well and offers countless opportunities through the integration of apps and mods.

Intel has been on the rise in the mobile business, with its latest Atom processors in dual-core configurations, aiming for the really top level in terms of performance. The chip manufacturer is showing an orientation towards the Android OS, promoting devices such as the Lenovo Yoga notebook – hybrid with an 11-inches display. The chip manufacturer also states that the industry is headed towards tablet convertibles / notebooks powered by the Android OS and sold for around $500.