It would seem everyone these days has something against Microsoft’s new OS – Windows 8. Manufacturers are reluctant to integrate it into their products while the users adoption rate is not exactly on par with Windows 7, while the previous version is still the prefered choice for many.

windows 8

What Microsoft loses in terms of sales seems to push users towards the Apple side. PC OEMs are blaming Microsoft for the sever losses in terms of interested customers while not to long ago Microsoft was blaming OEMs for failing to efficiently integrate the new OS into their devices.

There are still some more wise manufacturers that manage to gather sales from the hybrid devices they offer. Such with Windows 8 and dual-boot including with Android are of the most interesting kind. Then there is the touch experience, where few OSs offer the optimized interface as Windows 8 does. What most are hoping is a change that Microsoft may announce this year, in the form of Windows 8.1 – Blue.