Last week, Nvidia had announced a new chipset called Tegra K1, that comes with a Cortex A15 CPU and with a Kepler GPU for mobile devices . The main selling point of this chipset it’s the 192-core GPU.


We can take a look at the Tegra K1 graphic performance in the GFXBench, where it gets 60 fps, a score that’s 2.5x better than the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip. Tegra K1 it’s also twice faster than the A7 chip found on the Apple iPad Air.

In the table above we can also notice that the Tegra K1 scores a tad higher than the Intel HD4400 graphics, a chip that comes with the Hashwell processor line. We expect to see the first smartphone with this Tegra K1 processor inside and of course, more complex games.