If you were bored of the “Will it blend?” series or people shooting iPads with shotguns and machine guns, there’s a new form of violent gadget pr0n to have fun with. The Nvidia Shield console has been subjected to an explosion test, that’s detailed in the video below.


This is not some amateur video of random guys, but rather a clip that Nvidia itself made, so that’s cool. Sadly, it’s only in 720p for some reason and the 3 dudes in it don’t seem too enthusiastic about the whole thing. The coolest moment of the vid is when we see the components flying, like the heat sink, memory modules, “green thing”, triggers and magnetic component.

The explosion was powered by fireworks, inserted into the device by drilling holes into it. By the way, speaking of teardowns, iFixit awarded the Shield with a repairability score of 6 out of 10, since it has a durable design, but the battery is not easily accessible and requires tricky disassembly. Adhesive around the display area is also a problem…