While Snapdragon 600 is slowly but surely taking over the market, being present on the two most famous handsets right now, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 (US version), Nvidia is not sitting idle and it’s preparing the debut of the first Tegra 4 slates. Today we get an interesting demo of the always on HDR camera.


The folks of IntoMobile were present at Nvidia’s GPU Conference and filmed a demo of the Nvidia Tegra 4. This quad core processor features always on HDR for both photo and video, as shown in the video below. The technology is described as “the world’s first computational photography architecture” and will work on any Tegra 4-based device. It will also be compatible with existing and new apps that use Tegra.

The system is named Chimera and it supports HDR panoramic photo capture, autofocus and tap to track. The latter is basically a function that allows users to tap on an object in the picture and then have that object followed in real time, with the proper autofocus and adjustment based on its location. The idea is that you can take quality HDR shots while capturing moving objects.

  • Camaman

    This is the kind power that will revolutionize video!
    HDR is awesome in Video. I remember seeing a RED video camera, that had to be processed from RAW footage to obtain that. We need that CPU in our digital cameras!

    But as all good things once it hits mainstream we will take it for granted. Like we did touchscreens, like we did color screens on mobile phones before that. 🙂