Recently, the Shield Tablet name showed up on both NVIDIA and TegraZone websites, a device that it will be released in the near future we hope. As the name suggest, this tablet will have gaming capabilities and it will support the company’s GameStream system for streaming PC games to a mobile device.


Even if the name is present on these websites, we don’t get any other info about the tablet, and even if we scan the QR code found next to the Shield tablet name, it takes us to the NVIDIA store where we can buy the Shield handheld gaming system.

If we remember well, in May, a supposed NVIDIA Mocha tablet showed up in a benchmark test, a tablet that packed a 7.9-inch display with a 2048 x 1536 pixel density and a NDIVIA Tegra K1 processor inside the case. It remains to see when the gaming tablet will be released on the market.