As we’ve yet to witness the debut of a Nvidia Tegra 4 handset or tablet on the market, we take a glimpse into the future of Nvidia mobile chips, as shown in the video below. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spoke at the company’s investor day and showed the difference between the graphical capability of an iPad 4 and a mystery device.


The mystery device had on board the Nvidia Kepler GPU, a future generation of graphical solutions for tablets and phones. You can see a first person shooter running on the iPad and then we switch to Battlefield 3 running on the Kepler device, with a clear difference between the two in favour of the Kepler slate. The thing with graphical solutions of this sort is that you have to make them powerful and also not so power consuming.

The Kepler GPU here could be the Logan, which is the next generation after Tegra 4 and possibly the Tegra 5, that will be followed by Parker. As shown in the video, we get dynamic lighting, particle effects, shadow and HDR lighting, for a console style experience.