During Nvidia’s recent earnings call for Q1 2011, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang detailed the company’s plans for this year, but held back when it came to commenting on future Android slates. Android Ice Cream was mentioned in the talks and close cooperation with the Google team as well.

What’s certain right now, after all the Q&A is that Android 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich and the quad core Kal-El CPU will all come this year. A new Nexus device is also mentioned as “coming out some time in the future” and this is interesting, since they didn’t say Nexus Phone or Tablet, so we can assume it’s either of them or both.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich was confirmed to run on old hardware as well as on the new one, so there are no special requirements for this OS. Right now dual core is enough and we’ve yet to see an OS that will absolutely need the power of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad core solution… What flavor of Android would come with such great needs?