Strangely enough we’ve heard more about Nokia’s phablet than HTC’s, although both devices are total mysteries at this point. Not it appears that Nokia will be venturing into big diagonal territory, if we’re to judge by the picture shown below.


This is a 6 inch screen panel, that’s supposedly prepared to be included in an upcoming Nokia phablet. The front side of the device is shown here and there’s a slight Sony vibe I feel here, perhaps influenced by the design of the recently announced Xperia Z Ultra. Anyway, the edges of the screen seem very small and I expect this to be a behemoth of a phone.

We know that Lumias are bulky and fat, so I can only imagine this being over 12 mm in thickness. Hopefully, the hardware inside will be more capable than a dual core Snapdragon and also hopefully we’ll see more than 720p on this display. Up untill now Nokia’s highest diagonal on a Windows Phone device was 4.7 inches with the Lumia 625. Are they ready for more than 5 inches?