The Nexus 7 II has barely been announced for 2 days now and experts are already discussing its potential for success. KGI’s Mingchi Kuo, an analyst with a very good track record has discussed the hit potential of the device.


He forecasted excellent sales for the Moto X, but the Nexus 7 II isn’t looking that good according to him. I have to remind you that this is the 7 inch Full HD slate that Google introduced this week, with a quad core Snapdragon S4 CPU inside, soft touch back, side speakers and 5 MP camera at the back.

Mingchi Kuo quotes a survey, showing that the second gen Nexus 7 will reach only 3.5 million to 4 million units shipped this year, about 30-40% lower than the market consensus of 5-7 million units. Even the iPad has been suffering over the past quarter, so all tablets are expected to take a hit, including the newcomer. Of course, the analyst may be wrong…

  • Clive Mclean

    Totally agree. I think they’ll do a million more though, more like 4.5. At this point they are selling brand recognition and after having just gone one round of tablets, not unlike kindle and nook I don’t think that’s a sufficiently significant factor to keep them in the game against the white box companies giving you all the ports in the world plus HD at that sub 150.00 price point. If HP does make that $99.00 tablet Google might find that customer loyalty is bucked by price point when there a two known brands in the same market space.