Nintendo proves once again they’re not fans of teasers, as they’ve just announced a new portable console, known as the 2DS XL. This is a $150 machine, that feels like the 3DS minus the 3D part and comes with a smaller body.

It keeps the dual display of the Nintendo 3DS, with the same diagonal and it should be available come July 28th. The Nintendo 2DS XL is the follow-up to the 2DS, that came way back in 2013. However, that model adopted stacked screens, not the clamshell format of the 3DS. The folding top helps with portability and lets Ninty integrate larger screens.

The 2DS XL also brings upgraded processing power, with similar innards to the 3DS XL, that was launched in 2015. We’ve also got the new C Stick and, ZL and ZR buttons included and if you look closely, this console is actually smaller and lighter than the 3DS XL, so that’s an advantage. NFC was also integrated here, with Amiibo support in the mix as well and the same game lineup is supported as on the 3D model. Pokemon Sun and Moon are on the list.

A side scrolling Pikmin franchise title will be available on the machine and this feels like it could be a hit, at its price.