Nintendo Switch has been the spoiled child of this year’s tech landscape, surpassing the sales of the PS4 in its equivalent first half a year of availability. Now as the demand continues to be high and new titles are coming, Nintendo is said to be ramping up production of its machine.

The device is already slated to beat the whole sales of the entire Wii U lifetime, so that’s certainly impressive. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that 2018 will bring us a ramped up production for the device, starting with April 2018. The report says that Nintendo is planning on making 25 million to 30 million more units of the Switch console over the next fiscal year.

They could make even more, if this year’s holiday season shipments are big. Sometime during the summer, the Switch got really hard to find, since retailers and factories were barely coping with demand. The company has already built 8 million consoles, according to the latest earnings report and sales of device’s software are also booming, thanks to titles like Zelda Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

The former has sold 2 million units and the latter almost 3 million. As time passes there will be several extra reasons to get a Switch: it’ll get updated with new features, like the video streaming that recently came, it’ll get new titles and it’ll probably drop its price.