Even though we’re just 36 hours away from the big Apple event from Wednesday, leaks keep pouring in. The latest one mentions that the future Apple iPads are going to arrive with USB Type-C ports, while the new and cheap 12 inch MacBook wil be replaced.

The predictions come from none other than reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been spot on with his last such anticipations. He also talked about the naming pattern of the new iPhones, but that doesn’t interest us. Instead we’re more interested in the fact he’s saying that the new iPad Pros have been switching to USB Type-C connectors. I’ve heard that before, so I can’t quite say I’m surprised.

With this switch comes also a bump in charging department, with a charger that’s bumped up from 12W to 18W. Keep in mind that the switch to USB Type-C only happens to iPads, not iPhones. The same new iPads will have Face ID, non Home Button and new bezel formats. The analyst also has info about the new low price MacBook, which is now said to replace the 12 inch MacBook in the lineup and this time also deliver TouchID within the Touch Bar.

We also expect to see the Apple Watch Series 4, with narrower bezels and ECG support for heart health. The famous AirPower wireless charger and AirPods 2 will also pop up during the event. We’ll keep you posted, since I’m sure more info will appear over the next 24 hours.