The MPad concept tablet (also spelled m • pad) is so complex, that you’ll love it! We’re talking about a 15.6 inch OLED display device made by Volker Hübner and shown below. Aside from the touch display, this unit comes with 9 fixed buttons and two programmable button rockers.

24 shortcuts can be used for each app and features can be assigned to them, plus there’s also a scroll wheel in the mix, for gesture control and 2D navigation. A 3D space mouse completes the package and we see that there are kickstands at the back of the tablet for better positioning on the desk.

I bet that all of you designers would like to draw on this beauty. USB ports are also on board and I wonder if the MPad supports gaming. The gadget measures 25mm in thickness and is inclined at 15 degrees for better drawing. Remember that this is a mere concept, so you can’t have it yet.