It’s been a while since the last problem involving an Apple product, so here’s a new one: the iPad 2 has a roaming bug, in the Verizon version. Turns out that the tablet sold by the Big Red is locked in the Data Roaming mode and doesn’t recognize Verizon towers. Also, you won’t get any data service, unless you turn on Data Roaming.

The problem seems to be related to the Preferred Roaming List, a feature that appears on all CDMA devices and uses a database to determine how a gadget connects to a network, according to GigaOM. Some of the iPad 2 units sold by Verizon don’t recognize the carrier’s tower, so they need roaming to work.

Don’t worry about extra costs, since this is not the case, but the issue remains and we hope there will be a patch to iOS 4.3.2 to solve the problem. Till then it’s all roaming for Verizon iPad 2 units!