Motorola is supposedly preparing its first quad core tablet for this Fall, if we’re to believe the rumors from Fudzilla. The US company could be the first to debut a Tegra 3 slate, yet another premiere, after releasing the first Honeycomb device.

The device is supposed to be available in the “back to school time frame” around September and it’s going to be based on the Project Kal-El processor, also known as Tegra 3. Last we heard, Nvidia was ready to make available these CPUs by August and smartphones based on it by Christmas. We wonder if this new slate would bear the name Xoom 2, but if I were a Moto official, I’d give up this name, since it meant only trouble.

As far as Tegra 3 is concerned, this CPU delivers 5 time the performance of Tegra 2 and stunning graphics, thanks to the new 12 core Nvidia GPU. With Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang estimating the Android tablets will beat the iPads in the next 3 years, things are starting to look up for Tegra-based devices. What’s interesting is that Amazon is also rumored to be preparing a Tegra 3 slate, as well.

Could this model be one and the same with the Motorola one?