After the first pictures of the ASUS Padfone reached the web, it’s time now for the official launch of the phone-tablet hybrid, during the Computex pre-show. The device is supposed to reach the market at Christmas time and it could run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, according to Engadget.

There’s also a hands on available below, but only with a mockup of the new tablet and phone combo. The smartphone is the brain of this hybrid, as the tablet is a mere bigger display, a set of speakers and an extended battery life. Also, know that the slate can’t work on its own, which is certainly bad news, for us who were hoping for a new type of lapdock of sorts.

It seems that the handset will sport a 4.3 inch display, while the whole tablet includes a 10.1 inch screen, but the company is not yet settled on the final dimensions, so don’t take anything for granted. No other info on the specs, sadly, but at least you have the hands on experience below: