It would appear that Microsoft isn’t only leaving behind Windows Phone 8.1 users these days, but also those of Windows 10 devices. Turns out that devices with CPUs from the Intel Atom Clover Trail lineup won’t be getting the future Windows 10 Creators Update.

The Atom Clover Trail lineup was part of the so called “Tablet Platform” made by Intel for Windows 10 slates, in order to compete with ARM machines. They didn’t get much traction and Intel gave up on the Atom series fast. Still, because of the low prices of such devices, sometimes subsidized by Microsoft, there are millions if not tens of millions in circulation.

While most device makers offered no confirmation about this, Acer did write on its website the fact that 4 Clover Trail models it makes aren’t supported by the Windows 10 Creators Update. Those models are Atom Z2760, Atom Z2520, Atom Z2560 and Atom Z2580. Microsoft is supposed to be working to solve all compatibility issues. If people try to force the update with a workaround on incompatible devices they may see some text and OS elements may not show up and random color bars may appear.

Compatible drivers should also be offered by device makers soon enough.