Jide’s Remix OS is an Android powered platform, that was seen on a few tablets, also branded Jide sometimes. Well, the project has entered a new phase. It reached version 2.0 last year and then it got to 3.0 based on Marshmallow. This is basically an Android version with some desktop elements, borrowed from Microsoft. Jide announced this week that it’s moving away from the consumer biz and it will focus on enterprise.

Jide mentioned a growing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries and helping them build tools. They have uncovered a big potential in this area and want to “revolutionize how these businesses operate”. Now they will focus on enterprise and leave behind the consumer biz. Current products will be discontinued, according to Jide and development will be stopped.

Full refunds will be available for all Kickstarter backers of projects like Remix IO and Remix IO+. Purchases made in the Jide Store will also be refunded. The platform was found on both tablets and laptops and the next step seemed like All in One devices, with some partnerships with Chinese firms. Remix OS also allowed PC users to run Android mobile apps on any compatible Intel PC.

Having played with a Remix device or two, I have to say they were great for productivity and the UI was quite snappy. It had a lot of potential, so it’s sad to see them discontinued.