LG is really putting pressure on its rivals, by patenting new foldable designs for future devices. This time the LG foldable device gets intuitive controls. We’ve also got some similarities with Samsung’s recently patented foldable phones.

CES 2019 is a pretty sure bet of when we’ll see such an LG device. LG also patented last week names like LG Bendi, Flexi, Foldi and Duplex. We could actually see more than one such machine. One of the patents shows a wallet-like foldable, with a pretty beefy hinge and the main single camera at the back side. It feels more like a phone and less like a tablet.

The display only covers half of the right part of the device upfront. The inner screen is bigger, so big that it makes the device feel like a laptop. We also see the other part of the screen showing media controls. The patent mentions multiple cameras, in either a matrix config or a stereoscopic setup. As the camera is placed on the left and right side of the device, stereoscopic pics can be taken, or 3D images.

There’s also a patent for a real bendable device, one that feels like a plastic material, or even silicone, really, really flexible. Here it is:

Then there’s the one below, with a dual screen setup and feeling a bit like a scroll. Zero bezels here and there’s no hinge per se, but rather a sliding part. This one is truly different from the Samsung ones and the other patents, even the Huawei or Oppo ones.

I feel that this would be the Duplex…


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