Samsung is the number one name that comes to mind when you think about patent-based lawsuits. They usually brawl with Apple, but now fellow countrymen LG are attacking for their Galaxy Note 10.1 product. Apparently, LG Display feels that the Note 10.1 infringes some patents and wants a ban of the product.


LG Display wants to stop the sale, manufacture and import of the Galaxy Note 10.1, plus they want compensation for the damages they suffered. A recent report shows that LG wants a 1 billion won compensation, which is about $933,000 per day in case the device remains on sale. The injunction was filed this past week and 3 patents are at stake here, all of them dealing with the liquid crystal display panels used on the device. The patents are linked to viewing technology embedded in the display and have to do with improving quality regardless of viewing angles.

Samsung is of course sure that they haven’t infringed any patents, with a statement from Samsung Display VP, Shim Jaeboo attesting to that. Other patent cases are ongoing between LG and Samsung, with LG accusing the local rival in September of breaching patents on 7 organic light emiddint diode (OLED) technologies. I have a feeling Samsung won’t lose this one…

  • Deau

    Guess Galaxy Note 10.1 sales must have done really well this holiday season! So sick of hearing about Samsung getting attacked by other companies. What I find most amusing is that samsung is the only company that really pays close attention to their customers, giving them what they want and with some real innovation. As a digital artist, I love the Galaxy Note 10.1. All these technological trivial matters that the common consumer doesn’t even know about… It’s nonsense. Quite frankly, don’t care if Samsung did infringe on LG patents. That’s not why people aren’t buying competitor products. The “differences” in some of this technology is so minimal, so unnoticeable, I’m surprised companies can even patent it. Apple patenting rounded corners? Guess anything to make a buck. The sad part is, if a ban is put on place, the consumers are the ones who suffer. Other companies should take a note from Samsung; listen to the consumer, and dare to be innovative.

  • Tapsiful

    Interesting that Apple made a deal with LG for display manufacturing and now LG is joining Apple’s patent-war insanity against Samsung. It really starts to look like the 80’s lame Texas soap opera.