LG’s GW990 is a pretty strange device, since it manages to blur the line between smartphone and MID even more. A couple of inches more and we would have had a tablet on our hands, not that a 4.8 inch display is tiny. This uber smartphone uses Intel’s Moorestown CPU, plus the same company’s Moblin OS, an open source platform based on Linux.

Expect the device to be available starting with the second half of 2010, packing a wonderful 4.8 inch widescreen touch display, supporting HSPA connectivity, HD playback and 3D gaming. There’s also WiFi and A-GPS on board, plus a digital compass and a 5 megapixel camera.

LG GW990 uses a custom UI, that when shown in landscape mode, divides the screen into 3 segments, allowing the user to control different functions of the smartphone simultaneously. Using this, you’ll be able to check your email, watch movies, chat via IM and find an address via GPS, at the same time.

[via Slashgear]