We’ve become so paranoid over Apple’s tablet that we think every concept and design we spot on the web is the real thing. One of the candidates for such an assumption is the following concept, created by Rodolphe Desmare and pictured below. Dubbed the Magic Slate or the iSlate, this tablet is an incredibly thin device that uses the resized version of the iPhone apps.

Magic Slate is a full touchscreen device, that probably packs a 7 to 10/11 inch display, runs a modified version of Mac OS (or maybe the iPhone OS?) and gets all the connectivity options it might need. Too bad we have no specs for this baby, else it would have made our day…

Remember that Apple has an event scheduled for January 26th (or 27th, according to some), so the tablet might see the light of day then. Hopefully it will look something like this.

[via Concept Phones]