Sharp seemed to be the only company making strides as far as the display evolution is concerned, over the past years, but not anymore. LG Display unveiled a brand new Full HD LCD panel, actually the thinnest one out there and opened the road for a new generation of screens.


All this slimming down is the follow-up of companies like Huawei and Alcatel decreasing the waistline of their phones. Big companies also want 6 mm or 5 even mm smartphones, beginning with the LG Optimus G2, it seems. The world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel is a 5.2 inch one and it’s this LG unit we mentioned above.

The panel measures just 2.2 mm in thickness and has a 2.3 mm bezel, also making it the narrowest Full HD LCD panel available for a mobile device. This means more visible space for your eye and a case that’s not exactly larger than the Galaxy S4, if you allow me to speculate. The same panel offers a max brightness of 535 nits and has excellent weight and sunlight behaviour. Once again, this is just the beginning.