We’ve been covering iPad magician Simon Pierro for a few years now, as he took his magic tricks to the Ellen show or to various chimps. In 2018 he’s at it again, this time in the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. Bali. Let’s check it out.

We’ve seen most of these tricks before, being some sort of trademark for the magician. Some of the most famous tricks include turning an on screen banana into a real one, or doing the same with peanuts. He also does the opposite thing, turning a bunch of real peanuts into a wallpaper on the device. The little primates are certainly fascinated by this, as you can see.

They actually love the iPad itself, as they tried to steal it from Pierro a bunch of times. Pierro has been doing such magic tricks ever since the first iPad was introduced back in 2010. To be honest I’m surprised I haven’t seen him in a talent show or anything like that. He can turn liquids, cards, scarves, everything its shown in image form on an iPad into a real life object.

A German native, Simon was also a hit at Oktoberfest in his country, conjuring beers out of mid air from his iPad. But wait, there’s more. Back in March, before the Oscars he pulled Oscar statues from the tablet for fans passing by. The magician’s videos have gathered tens of millions of views and I’m sure the Bali one will too.