Leave it to the Ellen Show to debut a German magician who can take objects from the iPad  screen and turn them into reality. It’s obvious a series of tricks and illusions, but they’re brilliantly done, as you can see below.

ipad magician

He takes the image on the screen and makes it into a Polaroid-like picture and manages to do the same thing in reverse. He even calls a friend via FaceTime and took the red straw he was holding all the way cross the Ocean. At some point the magician even poured milk via FaceTime, unbelievable as that may be. While some tricks may seem like they’re instantly easy to explain, others are mind blowing.

The magician, Simon Pierro goes into the audience at some point, takes a selfie with the “magic iPad” together with fans and places it into an old school photo frame. That was a pretty crazy series of tricks and I find it very hard to explain the last one, at least. Can you? Nice promotion for the iPad…