Usually, the rugged tablets make a few compromises in regard to the hardware and specs, for the sake of a beefier case, that can take a beating. This time we see a new device, from MobileDemand, that could just be the fastest rugged tablet on the market.

It’s a 12.2 inch rugged slate with a 7th gen Intel Core i Series CPU inside. The model name isn’t very catchy or commercial. It’s MobileDemand xTablet T1270 and it comes with dual channel memory config and the above mentioned CPU. It also has a high speed PCIe SSD interface, which is something different and special for a device of the sort. The product was engineered for the mobile workforce and it’s meant for customers to want to get more done on the go.

It’s got a screen that offers great visibility, even in full sunlight. The case is IP65 certified and sealed for water, dust, extreme temperatures, extreme weather and the likes. Inside the device we find the Intel Core i5-7000U processor, which allows for faster computing. MIL-STT-810G ruggedness is also here, allowing the device to survive a 5 foot drop.

An interesting feat here is a briefcase handle and a back hand strap. There’s also a snap mount plate, which makes the device easily mountable to walls, countertops and carts, plus light duty vehicles. Extra mounting systems will be sold by the device’s maker. xTablet T1270 offers Windows Hello authentication via the front camera, improved sign in security and success rate for enterprise deployments.

Connectivity is top notch: USB 3.0, micro HDMI, micro SIM, Ethernet and more. The product goes on sale in July, for a yet unknown price.