Current smartphones, or better said phablets already blur the line between phone and tablet a lot, but Huawei wants to downright confuse us with the Mate 20 Pro. The recent rumors claim that the device may arrive with a Samsung made 6.9 inch panel.

The product is expected to come this fall, together with a Mate 20 and a Mate 20 Lite. They will be stuck at 6.1 inches or so. However, at 6.9 inches even an edge to edge approach can’t save the device from being huge and hard to wield. The info comes from South Korean publication The Bell, which has a pretty solid track record for these rumors, being well connected with industry sources.

Right now Huawei is sampling OLED panels from Samsung Display, those that they’re going to use with future devices. Once they settle on panels it’s time for mass production. Even the Galaxy Note 9 stays below 6.5 inches, so this is really too much. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro could easily be sold as a mini tablet, if this is real. I know there are also other huge phones out there, like the ASUS FonePad, but even some 6 inchers are too hard to grip and hold.

I certainly hope they will pick a smaller diagonal, or maybe even go foldable this time. If you ask me, they should look more into cameras and CPUs, since the screen is the least of their problems.

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