It’s been quite a while since we last saw an iPad concept, so this one is welcome. Rendered by Chike Newman, the slate is called the iPad Contact and comes with a transparent body and what seems to be a slightly curved display.

ipad contact concept 1

This model is also an ultraslim one and the designer behind is actually familiar, since he dabbled into iOS concepts before, having created the iPhone Pi. The iPad Contact is a see through device, which means it offers a great and big camera viewfinder and a ton of augmented reality features. It also seems to be a smaller iPad, judging by the images, maybe an iPad Mini format unit. Apart from the front camera and Home button, the whole front of the device is one big glass panel.

This transparent iPad could only work in theory, since a constantly transparent device would actually make you see your hands all the time and that’s distracting in the games and UI. It would be a good idea to turn off at the transparency at some point and implement a blurry background or something.

ipad contact concept 2

ipad contact concept 3

ipad contact concept 4