Samsung is on the offensive now that they heard that HTC and Apple came to an understanding last week. They want to get to the bottom of this and find out if any of the technologies that Apple is licensing to HTC could have been licensed to them as well, avoiding lawsuits.

Initially HTC and Apple didn’t want to disclose the terms of their agreement or the financial aspects, but now they will be forced by a judge, after Samsung’s pressure. Sammy also added to the lawsuit list new products like the new iPad, iPad Mini and iPod. The South Korean company has its own allegations against Apple, that refer to the latest iPads and iPod Touch and even the iPad Mini. Usually Samsung attacks on grounds of connectivity related technologies.

Samsung’s original infringement action includes “all Apple products including a built in speaker and an external audio output port”, which is a very general description if you ask me. Hands up those who think that Samsung actually has a chance… no one?