Unveiled last week, the iPad Air is the latest in the series of 9.7 inch tablets that Apple has launched over the past years. It also marks the move to a 64 bit Apple A7 CPU, guaranteed to make the previous iPad look like a slow poke.


The first benchmarks of the iPad Air are in and so are the first reviews, so we can already judge its performance. The new chip makes the slate 80% faster than the iPad 4 and the A6X CPU, at least according to GeekBench tests. By the way, this device is 5 times faster than the iPad 2, that’s only $100 cheaper.


iPad Air reached a Geekbench single core score of 1,465, while the iPad 4 hit 771 points, while in the multi core testing the new iPad scored 2,643 and the predecessor stopped at 1,408. It’s interesting to note that the Geekbench results show the iPad Air’s CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz, while the same Apple A7 CPU was clocked at 1.3 GHz on the iPhone 5s.

So, what do you think, will this performance be felt with regular use/rendering/gaming?