Barnes & Noble launched the Simple Touch ereader with Glowlight about a year ago and now it’s time for an upgrade. Thus, B&N announced the Nook GlowLight, that’s shown below.


This new ereader brings a fresh design, hardware changes and updates to the system interface. Seamless page flipping is also mentioned and the new device manages to weigh just a bit over 6 ounces, becoming lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite. The external design features a soft touch area and coloring is a “soft white”, while the edges of the ereader seem to sport bumpers.

The GlowLight thing involves a glow backlighting that’s now evenly dispersed, covering the screen in its entirety. The newcomer also offers extra storage, reaching 4 GB this time. The GlowLight features personalized recommendations offered to users via metadata. You get a purchase history, searches and more used to find content in the system.

The price tag is $119.