The iPad 5 will change the typical design of 9.7 inch Apple slates and bring a more compact approach, inspired by the looks of the iPad Mini. We’ve already seen the device’s front panel and various components leaked on the web, but this time we get some measurements.


It appears that the iPad 5 will measure just 7.35 mm in waistline, making it third of all tablets, when it comes to slimness. The first placed model is the Xperia Tablet Z, at 6.9 mm, followed by the iPad Mini, with a 7.2 mm thickness. For comparison sake, we must mention that the iPad 4 measures 9.4 mm in girth, which doesn’t impress anyone anymore.

It’s also important to acknowledge another feature here: Apple has achieved such a low thickness with an aluminum chassis, while its rivals rely mostly on plastic when they make thin slates. We’re also very curious about the weight of the product, that has also been reduced, most likely.