As we wait for the Apple Tablet/iPad to debut on Wednesday, January 27th, we’ve come across a mockup ad for the product, made by the folks of The clip pictures the tablet like shown in the image below and it’s pretty neatly put together, so it should make even the Apple PR department jealous:

Call it the iSlate, the Apple iPad, the MacTablet or the iTablet, one thing is for sure: this thing is coming in less than 48 hours and it’ll change the world. We’ve not Apple fanboys, but the excitement and hype that are building up have pretty good reasons this time. When was the last time you used a portable device with a single hand, had fun with a lightweight portable PC and a multitouch interface?

This tablet might as well kill the netbooks… In other news, beneath the video, there’s a fresh leaked image of the Apple iPad. Enjoy!