Intel wants to stay relevant in the current race of bringing 4K to mobile devices and while Sony broke the ice with a smartphone, a mainstream commercial 4K slate is still up for grabs as a premiere. Intel did showcase a sexy 4K all in one PC at IFA 2015, that may be considered a sort of mega tablet with stand.


The device has a beautiful and elegant support, where the main display and body rest, as shown in the video below. The profile of this contraption is a mere centimeter and the hardware is pretty impressive, with stuff like 4K display and USB Type C ports. This is merely a concept and not a finalized product, by the way. It’s a passively cooled device, an AIO with a mini HDMI connector in the mix and sadly without a clear specifications list.


The concept here focuses more on design rather than parts, but I imagine either a Core M, or some version of Core i7 inside, plus 4 or 8 GB of RAM and some SSD action. The device looks stunning and it would be good enough for people looking for an iMac replacement. Win 10 is obviously the OS of choice here.