Intel has been the talk of the town at CES, with its Atom line CPUs powering some Lenovo smartphones and tablets. Intel plans on offering some interesting chipsets for handset and tablet makers this year and they started to offer the first demos in Las Vegas. For now, the benchmarks look promising, with Antutu and SunSpider being used to analyze the performance of the chipsets.

The Intel Medfield chip did well in the Javascript test with the reference design tablet becoming the fastest SunSpider system analyzed till now, or so says Ubergizmo. The device scored 1128ms, even more than what the ASUS Transformer Prime scored courtesy of its quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. SunSpider is still a single core test, so it doesn’t take full advantage of the Tegra 2 potential. As far as the Antutu benchmark is concerned, the reference design based on Intel scored 5710, on par with the best dual core Android systems.

The benchmarks include, as you can see, the Motorola Xyboard slates, the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone and the ASUS Transformer Prime. What’s important to mention here is that Intel Medfield is a single core affair, that offers a very decent experience, even when compared with dual core and quad core rivals. This is not all numbers and theory, since people who got their hands on some Intel powered phones and tablets claimed that the experience is very smooth, so there’s a lot of hope for future products.