On September 1st Intel has scheduled a special event in Beijing, one that may bring together a few local companies interested in making Intel-based slates. One brand will surely be there, Ramos with its Ramos i9s tablet, that we’ve detailed before.


The device is also teased in the image above, that makes it look pretty premium in my book. It’s sort of like the corner of an iPhone transplanted to a tablet. Anyway, the new model comes after a series of Ramos tablets with Intel processors, like the i8, i9, i10 and i10pro. Ramos wants to expand to other regions and other product segments, aiming at becoming a household name among Intel partners.


The CPU maker meanwhile wants to have 40 million slates with its processors shipped this year. An interesting aspect about the Ramos i9s is the fact that it comes with a custom interface, that’s shown below. This one is an 8.9 inch slate and the latest gen Intel Atom Z3000 series CPU, if the rumors are correct. We’ve got one more week to wait till we find out…