HP continues to follow a confuse path, so after offering refunds for the purchased HP TouchPad units at full price and selling the device all new for $99, now they offered the full priced units again. Not knowing what to make of this, we followed the story and learned from The Inquirer that actually new and bigger prices were put up by error.

Of course, this angered a lot of consumers, who were hoping to pay 89 quid for the slate, instead of the recent 399 quid price tag that popped up by mistake. While the shops in the UK list he TouchPad as sold out, there’s always the option of getting one from eBay, although you’ll pay a hefty amount for it. Look on the bright side: you might purchase a unit that already has Android ported on it, since the community is working on that as we speak.

And what’s the deal with HP announcing that they will most likely not sell any more TouchPads and Pre 3 units in Europe, or at least not with their cut prices? Is this for real? Why this discrimination against Europeans?