Mark this one as yet another iPad clone that’s… not, although Apple could say that it is, as are all things that look even a bit like the iPhone and iPad. I’m talking here about the “tablet” below, dating from early 20st century and found at the Prejmer Citadel, in Brasov, Romania.

Some might even remember good old Moses from the Bible… he also had not one, but two tablets. How about that? And how about this Samsung photo frame, that looks scarily much like the iPad, although it’s from 2006. Maybe the Samsung copyists went back in time and cloned the Apple gear. That would be sacrilege!

Notice that the tablet pictured here even has a Home button and the surface looks quite glossy. Plus, it was used for educational purposes, just like most of the iPads are nowadays… aside from those filled with fart apps. I say Apple takes a good hard look at sumerian tablets from thousands of years ago, since those look like clones too.