Well, this came out of left field! Turns out that next month’s Pixel event will also bring us a laptop and it’s a more powerful Pixelbook than expected. It’s supposedly going to be a Pixelbook Go model with a 13 inch 4K display and a clamshell format.

There’s even a leaked image of it above, courtesy of 9to5Google. Even though the name “Go” implies a portable and cheaper product, the 4K stuff clearly makes it a premium device. However, we may see a variety of specs for it, starting at Full HD, a modest CPU and low price. We’re hearing about higher end options with a 4K display, 256 GB of storage and a Core i7 CPU as the top dog.

Pixelbook Go will probably have all the ports of the original Pixelbook, including two USB-C ports and a 3.5 mm audio jack. We could also see a magnesium alloy body, inspired by what Microsoft is doing with its Surface machines. October 15th is the date when Google has scheduled its event, so that’s when we’ll learn more about this product, the Pixel 4 and maybe other hardware too.

Keep in mind the new Pixelbook is definitely no 2 in 1 machine and it also doesn’t play nicely with styli. A “tactile feel” has been promised for the case, making it easier to hold and carry around. A lighter build is also confirmed. Apparently, the Atlas prototype leaked in March and July was legit and it’s going to be turned into this Pixelbook Go.

Two powerful speakers and a 2 MP front facing camera should also make the cut.