Even though Google pretty much canned its Pixel Slate program, the Pixelbook seems alive and well, at least according to a recent FCC listing. There are also more hints about the device codenamed “Atlas”, rumored to be turned into Pixelbook 2.

The Pixelbook is actually one of the most beloved Chromebooks on the market, so the second generation device is pretty hyped. The FCC ID of the new product is “HFSG021A” and the device has been submitted by Quanta Computer Inc, the same manufacturer responsible for the first Pixelbook. The “HFS” prefix aside, you are left with “G021A”, while the Pixel 3 is “G013A”, so things line up well.

However, the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate are “HFSC0A” and “HFSC1” respectively, so it’s a bit of a stretch. The Pixelbook 2 has all the odds of being announced in October, with the Pixel 4 phones. All we have right now is the confirmation of WiFi ac support and Bluetooth 5.0. I would speculate that we’ll see an Intel Core CPU inside, 8 GB of RAM or more and the 12.3 inch diagonal is probably the same, unless we’re due a bigger model.

I’d argue in favor of a Snapdragon CPU for improved battery life, but I don’t think it will happen. By the way, this very same device, has been leaking for the past year under the codename “Atlas”, so it’s actually more familiar than you think.