Chromebooks have evolved a ton over the past 2 years, being able to run Android apps, Linux apps and getting much higher end specs lately. Now there’s talk of pushing things further with a dual screen experience. Let’s see what we know.

Microsoft has been gunning towards dual screens a lot lately, between the Surface Duo, Surface Neo and functionality of Windows 10X. Android has also started playing nicely with dual screens thanks to Android 10. It’s now the turn of Chrome OS to follow suit. Recent code submissions show that Google is working on a dual screen Chromebook. The device is codenamed “Palkia” and the code submission appeared on Chrome Gerrit and it clearly mentions a second touchscreen on the machine.

It also mentions a tablet mode, but it’s not very clear if we’re talking about a clamshell form factor with two inner screens or maybe a foldable device with a touchscreen outside and one inside. Other sources claim that “Palkia” is not an OEM device, but rather a prototype to test out the dual screen format. We may not even see a dual screen Chromebook in the end. Google has been no stranger to experiments and they’ve killed off quite a few projects over the years.

It’s likely that a company like Lenovo would take on such a device, maybe HP if they’re feeling brave enough… There’s also ASUS, Acer and a few other big names that come to mind. Some even say we may see a Chromebook with dual screens built like the ASUS ZenBook Duo Pro.