As you know, the Nvidia Tegra Note tablet we keep talking about is a reference design that has inspired a lot of other devices from other companies. Among them we find the EVGA Tegra Note, a $200 slate that will ship on November 19th.


This device is now available for preorder from Newegg for $200 and it will come next week. This is just the first of a group of tablets that are rebranded versions of the 7 inch Tegra 4 tablet from Nvidia. Other companies who took over the reference design and made it theirs include Zotact, PNY and HP.

The $200 price tag is very good for a quad core Nvidia Tegra 4 slate, that incorporates WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI output and 16 GB of storage. There’s a microSD card slot here as well, front and rear cameras and a stylus with innovative features for drawing and writing. This model’s only lacks, if we can call them that are the low quantity of RAM, just 1 GB and the low resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Still, this is a Tegra 4 device that focuses on gaming and stylus action…