If you want an enthusiastic CEO ready to talk about anything then Jen-Hsun Huang, the main man at Nvidia is the one to go to. In a recent interview with the New York Times he mentioned a “$199 tablet that anyone can buy at a 7 Eleven” and also said he’s disappointed with Android’s evolution and might consider Windows 8 for the future.

In the meantime, rumors are saying that the Google Nexus Tablet will be made by ASUS and priced around $149 to $249. Speculations say that the Tegra 3 CPU was dropped and that this device is in fact a redone/rebranded ASUS MeMo 370T tablet, the one showed at CES 2012. With Huang hinting at a $199 Tegra 3 tablet, it would be a pity for Google not to jump on this idea, but maybe they want an even cheaper slate, at $150. So, will they used Tegra 2, TI OMAP or Snapdragon?

Don’t forget that Huawei also has its very own quad core CPU flavor, that may be the surprise underdog to make it to the Nexus tablet in the end, if it’s cheaper. Back to Huang, he said that the idea of a Tegra tablet with Windows 8 “would be nice”, but that may be polite talk, since Nvidia and Android have gone hand in hand for the past year and Tegra 2 tablets sold quite a bunch of units and popular ones too.