Smartphones aren’t the only thing that’s leaking lately, as tablets have also made the news for a while now. The latest in such leaks is the Dell Peju, a 10.1 inch Windows 7 slate that’s supposedly pictured below.

Peju was detailed by Engadget a couple of days ago and now we know that it comes with an HDMI port, 2GB of RAM and a USB port. Rumors say that Dell might launch this product in December, in time for the holiday season, but the tablet will be quite pricey.

We’re expecting here a mind blowing $900 or even $1000 and if you compare that to the Amazon Kindle Fire at $200 or the new Indian tablet at $60, it seems clearly an overpriced device. Also, it’s pretty weird to see Windows 7 on it, since Windows 8 is ready for debut and some tablets models are also ready. Does Dell Peju suit your needs?