The lights in Steve Jobs’ office just went dim… he left us all with a mountain of innovation and now a mountain of sorrow. Steve Jobs is no longer here among us, after 56 year of life and 7 years of fighting pancreatic cancer, that also claimed the beloved actor Patrick Swayze.

I cannot believe that this day has come… All of us are going to die, but when a man of great vision perishes, it’s like a chunk of the world falls apart. He gave us the iPod, iPhone and iPad. I truly hope he realized how much the public loved his visions, creations and the products he saw in his mind. Steve left us with a beautiful project, the one of the round building that will be the new HQ for apple… the “UFO”.

I still can’t believe he is no longer here… but the Apple website confirms it. He battled the sickness till the end, he quit his CEO position mere weeks ago and I am sure there were times when he could barely come to the office. And still he delivered on and on… and on. A fantastic man, a modest man, the man with the turtleneck and minimalistic style.

Let’s pray for him and may he rest in peace after all the suffering. We thank you for everything Mister Jobs!