The Dell Canvas 27 inch “tablet” may be too much for the average graphical designer looking for a drawing slate. It’s actually a bit of a work space and a station to fulfill more complex needs. The device is up for sale starting today at $1799, available for purchase on and we dissect it after the break.

This device is intended to work in tandem with a PC, it seems and it was unveiled all the way back at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It’s got a 27 inch screen that offers support for pen, touch and dial input, for the sake of video and photo editing, plus much more. The 27 inch panel offers a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and it’s not exactly meant as a primary display.

You can still use it as a secondary screen connected to your PC and also an input device. It offers 20 point multitouch support and works great with a pressure sensitive pen. When not in use the stylus can magnetically attach to the bezel. Dell Canvas 27 uses an IPS LCD panel with Gorilla Glass protection and the whole thing weighs 18.5 pounds on the scale, while also offering a 0.9 inch waistline. Yes, it’s hefty, I know, so it’s quite far from a portable accessory.

The best thing about it is that you can change its use angles, so you can use it flat on a tablet or propped up at a slight angle. Speaking of angles, its view angles are wide and connectivity is generous: mini HDMI, mini DisplayPort, USB Type-C inputs for PC connection and USB Type-A 3.0, plus audio jack.