Microsoft unveiled earlier today 3 new commercials for the Surface Laptop, that highlight how pleasant it is to the touch and how powerful it is. The ads are part of a series and they share a few of the same frames and visuals, but they change the characters.

They also talk about the pretty form factor, the choice of four rich tone on tone color combos and the soft Alcantara material used for the keyboard. We also learn of the hidden OmniSonic speakers and the interactive touchscreen display. The Surface Laptop weighs just 2.76 pounds and uses an elegant design, plus a very smooth to the touch Alcantara surface.

It’s compared to the touch of fresh grass in the videos. Entrepreneur and designer Xyla Foxlin appears in the ads, showing how she makes use of such a laptop. Another special guest is designer Brodie Neill, that likes the combination of form and function on this laptop. These are typical TV commercials, a few dozens of seconds long, with some upbeat music in the background.

The core of the experience is the interaction of the high res screen with touch with the well built and ergonomic keyboard. Starting at $999, this machine goes down to $899 for eligible students, faculty or staff at Universities and college. It offers up to 14.5 hours of battery life and comes with Windows 10S.