Everybody got a bit excited when Chromebooks started receiving Android app support and now there’s another evolution. There’s also split screen tablet support for said Android apps. We have details below.

Hints about this feature actually appeared previously in the Dev Channel of Chrome OS. The split screen operation in tablet mode is a feature that’s useful for tablets and detachables. Running stuff in full screen when a device is undocked is not exactly optimal, if you’re trying to do more than one thing at once. Adjusting window size in split screen feels pretty natural.

Development of split screen Android apps is happening right now and there’s even a video demo below. It makes all the more sense, since we may have just seen our first full fledged tablet with Chrome OS from Acer yesterday at BETT. Judging from this fresh video, things are very versatile and windows can be resized in plenty of manners. There’s also the removal of paused state apps, which gives Chrome OS a native and intuitive user experience in tablet mode.

Things are evolving fast considering Android apps started working on Chrome OS last year.